Untitled No 11

As an artist,


We are surrounded by a world in motion, beginning with inner microscopic life of all living things.

In my early study of botany, I was especially interested visually in the micro cellular flow of all plant life. Later, the study of dance became my vocation. I was a dancer and a choreographer, studying bodies in motion.

Later, as a sculptor in metal I was able to capture the visual and kinetic movement of the body, as well as in abstract forms which implied movement in space.

This varied background brought me to where I am currently as an artist. After experiencing with a number of different media, I am currently using acrylic paint suspended in a glazing medium which lends itself to fluidity. Similar to the painter Morris Louis, I use gravity as a means to move the paint on the canvas. My paintings show the viewer an organic, fluid & abstract world.

These works are not part of a trend in art, but a discipline; the result of the studies of botany, dance, and the movement and flow in our inner and outer world.


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